Hey beautiful being, meet Paige 'Faith' Ward and it is Divine timing that you have found her. She is currently located in Pace, FL with her dog and two cats surrounded by soul family and friends. She is committed to my own personal evolution and here to assist you as well. 

Since she can remember she was always the person wanting to nurture and show you how to conquer your battles. It always just came naturally. Life wasn't a cake walk as for many of us. Paige stepped into a many trials and tribulation in my short time here on this planet so far. Her mother transitioned, great grandmother transitioned and she moved at least every two years. Regardless of this deep rooted trauma she still found herself nurturing and caring for others. Here she was making everyone's life better but was unsure as to why she was so miserable. She felt isolated. Continuously abusing substances, sex and anything to numb from everything she was avoiding feeling. One day it hit her... the avoidance of these deep rooted traumas and fears within were stopping her from becoming who she is truly meant to be. She surrendered to a power greater than us all. She honestly hadn't prayed in five years and in that moment a light switch turned on and everything changed.

So here she was 'awakened' to the fact that she is aware and choosing life. This was six years ago. She started to make strides, connected with a medium and purchased her first deck of angel cards. Also began meditating, connecting with nature and playing with one of her favorite tools.. crystals. Even though she was doing everything she knew she could do she knew something was missing. Before this shift in consciousness Paige was a true skeptic. Her grandmother is a Reiki Master so she always knew that it existed but thought she just was believing in something imaginary. Her best friend at the time was pregnant with what we call a rainbow child and had gone to receive a session with a lady here in Pensacola, FL. She was raving at how incredible she felt and decided that she might as well give it a shot. She  made the appointment and within the session I knew something was happening to me.


Even though at that time she didn't know what exactly it was she knows now that light codes were being activated and her DNA was activating and coming online. Paige went the next day and signed up for massage school and didn't really know anything about massage, again walking in total Faith. To say her  life had changed is an understatement. I proceeded to continue with my Reiki education because I knew I had to share this knowledge. I went through what many of us know as 'dark night of the soul.' That statement 'I found God' is basically what this boiled down to. Here she is now stepping into her mission of sharing the unconditional Love of our One Infinite Creator.

Paige Ward is an old soul in a young lady’s body. She is a heart centered Angel Messenger and voice of truth + unconditional love. Her mission is to restore Faith in the unseen. She is certified in many modalities from Usui Reiki, sound therapy, massage therapy, chakra therapy and more. She is also continually studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dolores Cannon, Gabrielle Bernstein and various Archangels + Ascended Masters. She had her spiritual awakening five years ago and has been learning about what her mission is since then. 


Paige chose to embrace this path after completely surrendering to our One Infinite Creator. Her intention is not only to have an open ear with a solution but to have an open heart and mind to assist you in stepping into your Divine path and true bliss. Her gift is the power of the present moment. This gift allows her to hold space as a clear vessel to relay the frequencies and messages you need to fully remember who you really are. Remembering who you are is a Divine catalyst to getting to live in Heaven on Earth. 


Paige has helped hundreds of people step into their soul’s potential and evolution. Her mission is to continue this path in hopes to eventually step further into ancient plant medicine ceremony and owning a retreat center of her own. As of now she runs an online soul centered business where you get to meet with her to face to face, co-hosting events + retreats and sharing content for the collective. She offers her voice and teachings through Quantum Soul Sessions, teaching New Earth Reiki and assisting others in understanding energy so they can come into deeper innerstanding, safety and unconditional Love. 


Paige works with our Earth’s grid and higher dimensional beings to anchor in the cosmic codes of Unity consciousness to assist in the Earth’s transition and evolution. She believes we all deserve to live in Heaven on Earth. She believes in a New Earth where harmony, Unity, unconditional Love and peace are at the forefront. 

Infinite Love & Gratitude!

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