-I love this woman of God. She’s gifted and truly being used by God. Paige is amazing and is a beautiful soul. I’m happy to know her. Nothing happens by chance. She helped (helping) ;) me during a vulnerable time in my life which only further let’s me know that God is real. He will show up in the most unlikely people and places (just as He did in the Bible). That’s why I’m always seeking! Thank you Paige for being unlikely! That’s what makes you one of the chosen.

-Phedra Smith, Florida

-Paige recently guided me on my first alignment experience. I was very blind going in and was almost embarrassed at my ignorance, but she was amazing and made me feel right at home and explained things perfectly. Her voice is calming, warm, and welcoming. Her skills are top notch, and the work space she has create for her guests is beautiful. I will most def be going back:)

-Maddie Mccormack, Florida

-Where to begin...first of all, get the package. I wish I had. I will absolutely investing in it next time around. Healing is not a linear process, and a lifetime of emotional build-up takes time to resolve. When I first spoke to Paige, she brought me to tears almost immediately because it felt like she knew every corner of my soul. (I know that sounds totally crazy). After our session, I ended the day in a strangely peaceful and good mood. In the following days, I felt more myself than I have since I can recall. One of the areas she balanced was my root chakra, and I realize now that the insecurity I was feeling was stemming from myself and not necessarily from any external source. I felt beautiful and good about myself for the first time in I don’t even know how long. I felt at peace and grounded. I felt better able to manage my anxiety and internalization as well. I’m excited to continue my healing journey with Paige and to explore the person that’s been hiding for years. Paige was personable, loving, encouraging, and honestly felt like an old friend (it was a virtual session, by the way), despite my skepticism. Thank you, Paige! We will meet again soon ☺️

-Lindsay Bucci, Georgia

-Paige and I did a virtual healing session today and not long after it was completed I could feel very prominent emotional and physical effects from it. Paige and I have a long history together and she knows, maybe better than anyone, about my long history of anxiety, paranoia, and my ongoing struggle with my emotions. But as I was listening to her explanation on how she worked to heal me I felt a sense of calm and happiness. She is soothing, calm, encouraging, and explained things on a level that I could understand (she knows I am very analytical and nit-pick every little detail) so she made sure to cover all the bases in her explanation, and offered encouragement and advice on some things I had been struggling with. I would absolutely recommend Paige for all of your healing needs. She will work with any body/personality type and she makes a point to connect with everyone on a personal level. I am proud to call her my friend!

-Jamie Smith, Florida

-This year I made it a point to unlock certain traumas in my cellular memory that I know are wreaking havoc on my body. I’ve been searching and utilizing a variety of tools to see what would be most effective for myself or what could add value to my life in a rotation of therapies. Between the use of far infrared sauna, raindrop massage, counseling through trauma therapy modalities, float therapy, meditation, and biofeedback therapy, the session I had with Paige outdid them all. I still appreciate my other tools, but time with her is well worth it!! I had the opportunity to experience a session with Paige and it was BEAUTIFUL. I can’t describe how I felt. My inflammation is down significantly and it has contributed to my growth mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My body is typically in sympathetic overdrive because of shortened telomeres in my brain due to childhood trauma and some ptsd onset from having a gun pulled on me as a teenager by someone I trusted and loved. HOWEVER, the therapies she provided in my session guided my body into a parasympathetic state (which is necessary for the body to find healing and repair). I am ever thankful God has used her in such a meaningful and significant way in my life and look forward to my next session! Thank you, Paige, for being such a light in my own life, for bringing to light what is out of balance, and helping me find my balance again. Blessings and all beautiful things to you.

- Kaitlan, Florida


-So! Let me just say, WOW.
This woman entered my life when I most needed it.
She coached me through some tough times. It was like our conversation was just exactly what I needed to develop. I know we both surprise each other still. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop and meditation led by Paige, as well as constant communication, and spirit guiding. She is a blessing. Talk to her, and you will understand. She will help you open up to what you deserve. She is a beautiful soul who just wants to help you, and she is incredibly knowledgeable, and versed in teaching. Not to mention just a pleasure to be around! She can guide you through tough times, or just be a refresher of the divine spirit. If you are on the fence about attending a class, or doing a session, JUST DO IT! I would not lie. I used to be very skeptical, and she was one of the people that changed that.Time with her is precious and worth any penny you spend. She doesn't do this for the money, just for the advancement of humans. It shows!! If you are reading this Paige: Infinite Love and Gratitude.

-William Sweitzer, Georgia 

-I wish there was a word bigger, brighter, and more expansive than MAGICAL, but that's the best word, for now, to describe my Healing Session with Paige. I walked in thinking I was getting Reiki but I left feeling like my entire life--past, present, and future--had been healed. This woman knows her stuff and she's powerfully connected to her angel guides and the realm where goodness simply exists because love is all there is. Paige is pure love when she's in her ethereal self and I felt completely wrapped by her light and healed from being in her space. She is ancient wisdom living in a modern shell and I am so grateful to have been blessed by her energy. 

-Kiala Givehand, Florida

To be continued...

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